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I got 20 impressions for the first day by sharing gig on social media. Is that a less amount or good amount?

I started Fiverr on yesterday. These are my impressions. I got 20 impressions for 1 gig and 38 impressions for another gig. Is this a good amount? Actually I don’t know much about these impressions.

However I have 7 clicks and 55 views for my business logo gig. It has 20 impressions.

my minimalist logo gig got 7 clicks by 20 views. It has 38 impressions.

How is this possible? I think minimal logo gig should get less number of impressions than business logo gig.
( you can check my gigs on profile)


Yes good. You should do work smart like send 10 buyer’s request on daily basis…I am also new on fiverr

What about your impressions? I can not see any buyer request in that section :confused:

yes you are right same here I also have no buyer’s request…

As a new seller you are not able to see lots of buyer request
with the passage of time you will be able to see more buyer request. Your gigs matter a lot in showing buyer request. Make at least 5 gigs. see buyer request in different times of the day;
specially 5 AM 12 AM 7 to 8 PM 11 to 12 PM
try refresh buyer request in these hours again and again.

@rey_designs it is depend upon your social media’s friends. If you have more friends than the impressions should be more.

It’s good. But you can do much better. :slight_smile:

See this post, hope you will find some great tips in this post:

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