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I got 2nd Level in 25 days

Hi All,
I am new here and start working in December.
I am experience logo designer and start working fiverr now.
But i am very lucky and awarded dozens of jobs and in 25 days with 2nd level and earn more $1k.
I want share my Experience and Tips all of you.


Good luck dear

Your profile says you are a member since November 2015.

I do not think its possible to earn level 2 in just 25 days no matter how much orders you receive. You have to complete 60 days, 50 orders with excellent ratings to earn level 2 badge.


Congrats for Your great achievement. Hope you will be get “Top Rated Seller” Badge Soon in nearly future. Good Luck.

Thanks a lot.
I created profile in 2015 but did not open my profile .
I open my profile is in November 20 Then i start work on fiverr.

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Ohkay. Thanks for clarifying. Keep up the good work. All the best for your future orders.

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Thanks a lot.:slight_smile:

Do you share your gigs on social media or another website? i pursue for level 2 but it’s not working out.