I got 3 negative reviews and my rate decreased to 50 %


Hi guys,

I got 3 negative reviews so far and it decreased my rate to 50 %.

I asked the buyer if you dislike my work, do not hesitate to contact me and will revise it and guess what happened?

I got 3 negative reviews after worked a few hours and days to complete.

He had me to make a flyer design then I did it but said I never know and follow the instructions.

I do not know what else to do to increase my rate, the buyer seems unfriendly.

I Just got 1 negative review because late to deliver and 2 positive reviews. Another gig got 2 positive reviews with no negative reviews.

Because of these 4 negative reviews, my credibility goes to 50%.

Yesterday I suspended the gig and currently try to find buyers with new gigs.

How do you feel if you get negative reviews?


It’s actually worse than you’ve described. Because you need 70 more people to leave POSITIVE FEEDBACK that might take 100 or 140 orders, as many people leave no feedback.

I’m really sorry you had these troubles :frowning: I never leave negative feedback, it’s just not right.


Talk to customer support, and see if maybe it wasnt your fault. If you did offer to change it… it’s not your fault!


I’d be really disappointed


Yuck :frowning:


I like to share this video when working with people who have or want to leave negative feedback.


Maybe you can use it too.


Try contacting the buyer again worst thing is if you really want the rating back give them a refund