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I got 3 tip from my buyer within a day


Hello Fiverr Family,

I’m wordpress specialist and level 2 seller on Fiverr. I’m a full time seller on fiverr also i want to build my carrer to here. I wondering to share with you Fiverr story. Fiverr is one of the most popular marketplace for outsource. Also I think it is the best platform for newbie cause Fiverr stuff are too much friendly and cooperative. As a fiverr member i feel proud.

Today i will share with you about Buyer tip. I got 100+ tip within 9 months but i wondering to share with you my latest tip.

Yippee ! I got 3 tip from by buyer within a day. It’s really Inspired me to hard work when i got a tip from my buyer…

Tips for new seller:
1st. Please follow your buyer instruction and work done perfectly.
2nd. If your buyer satisfied then he will give you tip automatically.
3rd. Always try to faster reply



That is definitely a No…No… for everyone.


Congratulations! That’s amazing. You have good gigs and a perfect review record.

I wouldn’t ask for tips though. It’s probably against the rules.


Ok, Thanks a lot for your advice :slight_smile:


Yeah you are correct :slight_smile:


The same thing happened to me in the last 3 days! :blush:

All my buyers were so nice lately! :heart:


Good luck! :relaxed:


Wow amazing. go ahead :slight_smile:


You are most welcome


Are you sure? I mean i dont ask about tips but i haven’t read this rule any where.



Does asking for tips work? Just curious.

Not getting tip doesn’t necessary mean buyer isn’t satisfied. It could be they’re short of cash. I also read that some people live in country with no tipping culture, therefore, they have no idea what it is.

:grinning: Congratulations on your success. :grinning:

Stories like yours really seem to inspire many around you.


I completely agree! :blush: From my experience, about 50% of my buyers are college students, who cannot even afford to buy the extra they need, so very often I do it for free because it helps me build a strong and long-term relationship with them.

From my opinion, tips are most likely to come from people who own a business, or in cases of gigs that are more related to spirituality or health.

It definitely depends on the cultural background of each buyer, and the budget he/she has. :slight_smile:


If you are already getting paid, why are you also ask for a tip?


I got tip from my buyer last week. and I didnt ask, so surprise surprise! Awesome experience. sometimes they left the tip for appreciating our work


Nice to know.

I got just 2 tips from one of my buyers this week.

Its awesome. Keep it up.


Congratulations! Well done! Respect :sunglasses:


Thank you so much :slight_smile: