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I got 300 impression today but no order yet...wanna guidance

Hi, everyone you all will be happy and doing well. Can you please checkout my gig video or visit my gig(request) and then suggest me about where i am doing wrong.:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
here is link of my gig,please click :

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”


Its strange. Can you please tell me in which section your gig is right now plus which method you used to increase the impression on gig ?

You could change the bit that says “I am a very fast Engkish typist and I Can Type Up To 50 Words Per Minute Without Any Mistake”. Maybe make more of the words lower case, eg. “and I can type up to…”

Though maybe most documents are already in an editable format. Less people will probably be scanning handwritten documents now, they’ll more likely be typing them directly.

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Improve your description and tags as well…it will take time to get orders nowadays because of competition

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very thankful to you for nice suggestion…:heart_eyes:


don’t worry bro … you will get an order soon … just stay in connect and doing marketing …


thanks for the motivation…:relaxed:

okay i will check…:wink: