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I got 4 orders for 9 months ! I feel sad!

I am only withdrawed 20$ . I am promoting my gigs via twitter, linkeid, G+ . give me some tips plz…no more orders still !


I think sharing gigs on G+ is not good fiverr also deleted G+ option from the gig sharing buttons if we check on G+ pages there are lot people sharing porn images so it is spam i think if we share gigs on that pages then fiverr will take back that gigs.


Really, so where is the right place

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okay, I will keep that in my mind.thank you for informing

I don’t exactly think Google+ is a bad areab and linkeid and Twitter are the best as same as Google+, impressions are growing but no orders​:cry::cry:

Please try to send as many bids to the buyer request as you can. I have earned approx 300 dollars here and all of them from bidding there. You should have to use this fiverr feature and try to bid on the posts you know you can do it… You have a good stamina Man!.. Don’t left the struggle… Fiverr is built for you :+1:


thank you brother ! you are the man of the day !#@@


Always Welcome :wink:

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I think you struggle with English.

" I Will Let You Buy 19 Essential Delicious Recipes Cookbooks"

You’re selling 19 recipes, not 19 cookbooks, those are different things. Also, the first picture looks very unappetizing. You need better food photography or a public domain stock image.

" I Will Give You Star Wars Complete E Book Collection Only Few Cost"

I don’t think many people buy books written by other people here. I searched Star Wars and this was the most popular gig I found:

" I Will Draw You As A Star Wars Character"

Of course, if you can’t draw, I don’t recommend that gig. If you’re a Star Wars experts you could have a gig where you answer Star Wars questions, but then again, I don’t think such a gig would be popular.

" I Will Give You Got Harry Potter James Bond Novels Ebook Collection"

I’m surprised this gig hasn’t been taken down. You’re selling intellectual property that doesn’t belong to you.

Some people sell PLR Articles, like this person:
" I Will Sell Top Quality 210 Law Of Attraction Plr Article Pack And Book"

But that gig only has 66 reviews, and it’s the most popular gig in the category. In other words, it’s not a great gig for profits.

" I Will Let You Buy 203 Health And Fitness E Books Just Few Cost"

Is not going to inspire lots of buyers, although I see you got 1 review.

My advice to you would be to learn English. There are free programs, like Duolingo. Or at the very least, write the gig title in Sri Lankan and translate it into English, google has a translator that does that, it’s not always accurate but if you keep your gig title short, it should serve you well.

Also, try selling something you can do, not just things others have done.

Good luck


I understand ! thank you for informing me. I’ll edit them.

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Hi there i can understand how it feels i were in your place few months back with same problem but now i figure out way follow these steps they will help you


thank you so much for information ! I’ll keep do them all…thank you again !!

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don’t get more and more and brush up your account with eye catchy gigs,you will get best trun out

yeah,i am also facing this problem. this september i just complete only one order. really upset but hope there are something to happy me. still sharing gig on social media.

thank you I understand what you said ! I will share my gigs via social medias

yeah I think we can grow up our business soon !! you can do it ! good luck man

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Your Gigs primarily involve selling intellectual properties that you do not own (unlawful), so it’s good you’re not getting sales; you don’t deserve any.

Also, it’s a little jarring to me that you’re receiving advice on how to continue your illicit activities from Sellers who should know better.


if I market books as you say should I write and sell?Some people don’t much have time for google things!! so, I m supporting them !! I am offering my gigs merging !!so I think I should keep doing this !

It doesn’t matter if people don’t have much time for googling things. Selling copyrighted intellectual property is selling copyrighted intellectual property which is against the law internationally and can get you in serious trouble.

I personally would be livid if someone tried selling stuff I’d written (Especially ebooks!) and tried to pass it off as something they did on their own merit.

If you want to continue selling ebooks I highly recommend writing them yourself or paying a ghostwriter to do so.


welcome :slight_smile: :+1: