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I got 5 orders last night

I got 5 orders last night … I’m very happy, Everyone Please pray for me


We will never forget you in our Prays because You are our Pride!

Be Happy!


Wow congratulations bro.

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5 orders actually i think you pray for us…:relaxed::relaxed: Congrats on your success.


Thank you so much:heart_eyes:

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Check My Review. we never lie false. I hope you understand.

Thanks bro :heart_eyes:

Thank you so much:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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You are too Bangladeshi then Why are you frustrating the people Why?

but this Painful:thinking:

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I am sorry for that. This is his matter if he get not only 5 but also 500 order I am not frustrating. I always want that Bangladeshi people get a lot of order. But I do not like false statement.


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What I am lying here?

I am extremely sorry please give up the matter. :pray:

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Okay, No Problem… but this bad habit:sunglasses:… Very careful sister. :heart_eyes:

Best wishes for you @sumon369

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Thank you so much brother:heart_eyes:


Congratulations Market your gigs. Try to find potential clients out there in social media. Hope you’ll get more orders. Best wishes

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Thanks for wishes:heart_eyes:

Great… Share the wealth…lol

It’s great! Wishing to you for bright Future on fiverr.

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