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I got 5k impressions, promoting my gig on facebook

I opened my fiverr account in july, and I needed to boost my gigs, if I wanted to get orders at all.
Then, I started using my Facebook to connect with my friends and ask them to check out my gig.
Many of them weren’t on fiverr, but the few on fiverr did the least they could.
In no time, my impressions kicked to 5k. I understand that I can’t change how the impression works, but some traffic did well for my account.
The more important factor, my clicks also rose to around 700+, which is a good conversion rate. I will continue to give updates about how my gigs are doing with this new method.
If you have a good social presence, use it to promote your gigs. And don’t be shy about what you do. You work on fiverr, and you should be proud of it.


That’s great to hear from you.

Fiverr itself recommend this practice of sharing your work on various social media platforms.

It is clearly visible that when you promote yourself on social media and start getting initial traction, you recieve more impressions from fiverr as well. And more impression from fiverr means more conversion.

Once you start getting your initial orders, all you have to do is, give your client exceptional service and deliver high quality work.

Wonderful Brandinghack.
Looking forward to listen your amazing results.


I appreciate that, vedicastrologyy.
I will definetely give updates.:blush:

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Well, 5k impressions look very good, 700+ clicks also. But was there any conversion?

I mean, did you get any order out of those 700 clicks?

If no, then conversion ratio is 0,0% and that definitely does not help better Gig´s ranking.

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Fiverr also wishes to increase the number of freelancers selling their services on the site.

But, apparently, the protection for sellers is poor on fiverr. Is that true?

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What we could do as a member of the community, we should also promote the gigs of other freelancers to our colleagues as long as they don’t offer the same products.

It helps both parties.

Cool strategy, it will pay off on the long run.

Numbers are worthless without convertion .

The system has chosen who to protect. All you can do is work around it

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Exactly, kjatau. At least, more attention increase your chances of getting orders.

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The traffic you attract is one. Having a gig that’s worth paying for a is another. You’ll only need to work on your gig to make potential clients actually hire you.

These metrics are only the proof you make some marketing to grow up fiverr global notoriety. What’s about the number of orders you really make ?

IMHO this sort of marketing will be interesting in posting in FB entrepreneur groups. Who are always searching fro freelancers. But randomly, I imagine the order number was not here.

OK so you got impressions and clicks, what about sales?

Because no sales, means you didn’t actually convert.

Which in turn means you missed your target audience, or your offering isn’t fine-tuned.


It’s a great news… Thanks for your input

Thanks for sharing cool tricks. Are you getting any help to increase your gig’s rank or order.
Share your output. So we can utilize it. :blush:

Cool tips to get impression.

Thank you very much.
for sharing your experience here.