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I got 7 orders in just 8 hours

Get motivation I got 7 orders in just 8 hours


Lucky you :grinning:


how? i also want order


i am new and i also want to show my skills by using this plat form.

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Where are all those orders that you are bragging so much on this forum all the time?

You have only 5 orders in your queue and your last reviews was 2 weeks and one month ago. And your last delivery was almost 2 weeks ago.

And please move your post to “my fiverr gig” category as you were pointed out so many times.


Maybe they’ve already delivered a couple of them. Only about 60% of my customers leave a review.

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great you will successfully complete these orders :smiley:


I wish you more of it, congrats.

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His last delivery was 2 weeks ago

So maybe they’ve sent a couple custom offers and are waiting for the client to confirm? IDK, my initial reaction isn’t to just be suspicious of this story but maybe I’m missing something lol <3


I guess I’m more annoyed because he is appearing on the forum every month bragging how many orders he got in one day (without proof of it), posting in the wrong forum category and when people comment and ask him how he did it or if he can share some tips, he is just ignoring them.

Forum rules says that discussions on the forum should be meaningful and not duplicated, so he is not adding any value and just spamming forum with his bragging


I get what you mean :blush: I hadn’t seen any of his other posts so wasnt aware xx


How?I got nothing for a month.I am looking for order and advertising my gig but no response.

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which 7 orders you got and how ?
are these from real clients or fake ? how in 8 hours suddenly 7 clients came to you ?
May be you got from same client or fake orders?


Great Keep Going :blush:


great :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your apprecition

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Do some struggle then you will get

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Ok well I have been working on fiverr since 2018 and i got my first order after 8 months I did never give up that’s why i am in this position where i am getting 7,8 orders in a day

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Thank you mam but your kind information i am having 6 orders in a queue right now and two orders delivered

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