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I got 9.5/10 in my English Test!

I scored 9.5/10 on my english test, will that help my gigs grow in any way?


First of all congrats! But i don’t think it will really help your gig explicitly because i don’t think the buyers can see your score. However you could use that as a form of advertising for your gig.

Hoped this helps

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That’s a smart idea, thanks!

Unless things have changed since I Iast checked, it should indeed help the op.

With 9.5/10 @skiwilldo is likely to be in the top 10% fro English - in which case this will display on the op’s profile.

Being in the top 10% for English should give buyers confidence that their instructions will be understood and therefore they will be more confident in placing an order.


No problem! Best of luck :slight_smile: :grinning:

Best of luck for the future.

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Best wishes…

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congratulation man…

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Best wishes … :+1:

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Congress & best wishes for you

very good experience

great achivement , Best of luck :heartbeat: :heartbeat: