I got $900 in just five days


I just made $900 in last five days.

Thanks Fiverr :smiley:




first congrats

will you please share your secret of earning.may b someone get benifit from it .


wow thats great!


Congratulations :slight_smile:


Wow Congratulations…




You are in Fastest Track… Great… Keep it up…


Good work! Don’t stop there, go get it! :slight_smile:


Reply to @mehreenjaveed: There is no secret, just do something you’re really good at. Jowelr is " a creative,professional and hard-working WORDPRESS EXPERT with 5+ years of working experience.I’m specialized in WORDPRESS,HTML5, CSS3, JQUERY,WOOCOMMERCE, SEO."

See? You can’t copy that.


i know n i dont believe in copying either.

i do believe that Beside skills some other guts are necessary too likr advertisment , promotion.there are lot of people doing same job then how to stand out of crowd look prominent .i am talking about this secret.