I Got 99 Reviews and a Negative Aint 1 of Them


Just a rambling post by a guy in his mid-thirties trying to prove he is “down with the kids” by posting with a youth relevant title…

The point of my post (and very little to do with the title) is that one in five of my customers have not left reviews. Some of these are regular customers or repeat customers. I would have over 120 reviews now if they had all left one. Suppose I should be glad that I got the ones I have but still, it’s strange to accept the work and not leave any review…
Anyone else think this?

Anyway, got a blast from the past today when I got another order from one of my first clients! She will be my 100th review I imagine, and it is so nice to have customers come back. Gave me a much needed boost today as it is the first time in a long time that I do not have any orders. My own fault really I think, as I have not been as pro-active in the buyer requests section as usual and have been working on a number of other sites and projects. Still, it brings me back to the days when I was desperately looking for my first couple of reviews (Yes, in the beginning it was all about reviews - regardless of how much work it took to get them). My repeat customer was surprised to learn that my prices had gone up a little since those days - I did the work at the old price for her as she has sent two other clients my way since the first order, and also because I don’t have much on at the moment.

I hope for all of your sake that I get some more orders soon, otherwise there may be some more rambling posts coming your way!

Anyway, I’m off to Netflix, not like I should start trying to get some work or anything…


I stopped at the mid-thirties part, as I realized I’ll be in my mid-thirties too, very soon… I’m getting old…


…and don’t really have much to show for it. Well, back to work.


Congrats @eoinfinnegan over 120 sales and no negative reviews is not a joke…


Sorry Eoin, I just realized that I am coming across as too depressed…this is supposed to be a happy thread. Congratulations on your 99 (and soon 100+) positive reviews! I always look forward to your posts on the forum, you really understand the freelance profession.


I enjoy your comments, they don’t sound depressed - more like a good old Irish pessimist, like myself.
Also, if you are saying that you are getting old because you are reaching your mid-thirties, that means that I am already old…


Thanks, I appreciate you saying so.


Whether Young or Old, we all need cash! Everyone will get old at one time. But what i do understand is, both young and old are looking for cash. Even when we reach on our 70s, we will be searching for cash. What i mean is, everyone is looking for ways to invest. We all have bills to pay. Eion, you are still young and very hardworking my brother.
@writer99025 I checked your gigs writer99025. You are also a hardworking freelancer. Keep up too


@essyjoseph Thanks!