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I got a 1.7 star review and I don't know what to do

Hello, I’m patye91, Okay I worked for a client who wanted social media strategies for its brand+ wanted me to reach influencers and paid for it.

I have submitted the work a day earlier, and asked him if he had any questions, suggestions, if he were satisfied with the work but he didn’t say anything. 2 days later he put me a 1.7 star reviews with a lot of reasons that I was not aware of. He was right when He says that I forgot a client’s name in one sentence . But the overall work was a personalized work. He said that it was a copy and paste( the only copy and paste in my report is the general recommendation section, because these are general recommendations for any businesses in general). Audience research, hashtag research, competitor analysis were personalized, even business recommendations. In the 3-month action plans, I personalized the facebook ads and told him what he needs to do and start with to meet his business goals. He said that I’ve copied and pasted the ads. Anyway, after him I got two 5-star reviews from 2 different buyers. But I still need a lot of 5 starts reviews to get a 5 stars on this gig. I’m a new level 2 seller and That gig is my favourite one, as I love building social media strategies for businesses, but maybe I need to focus on a different gig. I went from 5 to 4.8 in that gig and my overall rating is now 4.9. , because I only have 55 reviews. Did you ever experience it?


It happens.

Your average will go up with time.

Some Buyers are really difficult.

Don’t let it bother you.

Keep doing your best.


It can happen. It will improve with time. So keep doing your best and the best result will surely come.


Yeah, it happens. I got a 4.7 for no reason in my latest review (4 stars in communication despite delivering 4 days early smh).

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unfortunately I had as well 4.9 and 4.8 in the past. It happens, not because you are not good, but probably because a misunderstanding with the customer. Communication is not easy, consider also we don’t see each other and we just have this text.

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Hello, thank you for your replies🙂. I sent him a message yesterday to know if I can provide any modifications but he refused, but agreed to cancel a review if I make a refund instead. Frankly this could be great, but I’m not sure of this. Is it possible for a buyer to cancel a review?

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There’s no option shown for buyers to remove reviews now. If they go to CS and ask to remove it and CS thinks they’ve been pressured by the seller to remove it CS might give the seller an account warning.


Oh…okay. so the best option there is to leave it like that.

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Yes. It’s safest not to mention the review to buyers. Writing a public reply to the review under theirs is the best thing to do and you’ve already done that. If their review was against the TOS you could try and get it removed but otherwise it’s safest to just leave it.


please don’t do anything. you might end up losing your money for no reason as review cannot be reversed. you can also get a warning for pressurizing the client for good review

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In general, some “copy and paste” is acceptable, as long it fits the context. That’s just my opinion.

My main gig got a bad review as well, I was upset about that. :sweat_smile: It will take many 5 stars to drown it out.

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Okay thank you very much.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh right. Thank you very much

Hello patye91 , don’t worry, there are many people who want to hurt you. A few months ago a client gave me a bad score in my best concert it was a bit sad because although I wrote to him at least 4 times to follow up he was absent, I notified him on fiverr nothing at the end when the order was completed the client opted For giving me a bad score, having pending reviews, he never followed up on the work or any opinion he simply wanted to leave a bad score. here you will find very friendly people and others good … don’t be discouraged, I know it’s hard when you do your best but better customers will come!

I’m honestly shocked that people even considering refunds in return for a review removal. That’s not even possible, but still…the idea alone is mind-boggling. What’s the point in doing jobs for reviews and not for money?


Thanks for your kind words Lauri’s🤗