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I got a 2nd warning and now I don't know what to do

I am almost new to fiverr. Started working on it recently I mean. Ive received two warnings now. I want to ask will i get banned if I ever make another mistake?

First Warning: I created my very first gig, it got denied and I got a warning.
2nd One: Fiverr said I took academic work

Is there any chance of salvation left? I am so scared that if i continue working, and i make another mistake (still trying to understand the forum), all my hardwork will be gone!


With respect, you need to stop breaking the rules.

You’re already in breach of the rules again;

So you’ve had a warning for offering Academic work, and your response is to offer Academic work?

Sorry for being blunt, but the rules aren’t especially difficult to comprehend, especially the one around academic work.

Yes. You’re one warning away from a permanent ban.


Oh Shit…Thank you! Ill fix that

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You need to Go through fiverr TOS , understand and remember the rules and you are all good !
I mean just don’t understand and remember but Yes Follow them too !



I have one active order(an article) and I just intend to finish that one and then leave fiverr. A permanent ban is just utterly dreadful

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You don’t need to leave Fiverr, you could just read the TOS and offer services that are actually allowed to be offered. There’s plenty of other types of text, e.g. articles, blog posts etc. you could write!


I’m trying really. Thank you!


I do write well (I think). I completed 4 orders on the gig that is now removed. All the buyers were happy apparently

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You had 2 x 5-Star reviews, which is a great start!

You just need to ensure that moving forward, you’re only writing in a way that Fiverr will allow. If you’ve been preparing essays for people who are studying, you’re basically helping them to cheat. (I’m sure that wasn’t your intention, but that’s what’s happening).

Like others have said, stick around! But create gigs that fall within the boundaries of the rules here on Fiverr. I know that the Terms of Service is a long and pretty boring document, but honestly, take the time to read it.


I could have had 4, but one buyer was way too paranoid about his name displaying. I did read the TOS. The problem is I offer help with research/ analysis mostly and that somehow goes against the rules even when it is a whole niche on fiverr. There are sellers with 100+ completed orders doing the very same work. I think I probably used the wrong vocabulary somewhere in my discussions

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When I had a look earlier, you very definitely used the word ‘essays’ at least once or twice in your gig description. That was probably the term that got picked up on, as it would imply that you’re willing to write essays for people (which would in general, be prohibited).

As you say, perhaps you just have to be a bit more clear about the services you are actually offering, and be clear about what you are NOT offering also.

Good luck!

Thank you so much. I really appreciate that you took time to reply to my queries.
Hope your day goes well. Take Care!

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