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I got a 4 star rating as a buyer

I’m newer to fiverr as both a seller and a buyer. Just bought my first gig (some design work) and bought the premium package. I gave the seller everything he needed to create it with very clear instructions, and he offered unlimited reviews and we ended up with three revisions. I was very courteous when trying to explain my revision requests. I left him a 5 star review all around and he gave me a 4 star review as a buyer? What is a 5 star buyer then? Someone who has no revisions? And also I shouldn’t be guilted into not getting what I want as a customer in order to chase that 5 star review. I think this ranking thing gets stressful. what’s more, I’ve been a little frustrated with the language barrier as both a buyer and a seller. It can be hard to explain things over messaging only and working with a language barrier. Finally, I’ve read some stuff here on the forum that 4 stars = good to some people.


Hello! I’m sorry it happened to you, but I don’t think 4 star rating is bad, specially as a buyer. I am a seller and I usually leave 5 stars to my buyers, except for when they are too demanding or request things that are not included in the package and are not willing to pay extra.

We don’t know the reason why he didn’t give you 5 stars as a buyer, but I can assure you that’s not a bad rating!


Without knowing his perspective, I couldn’t say why. You were in the right to make revision requests if he offered unlimited, as long as you weren’t requesting major Change Orders, and even then he left himself vulnerable.

On that ‘4-stars is good’, it’s almost entirely from a Seller perspective based off of what Fiverr itself states. (I’ll admit, I can’t pull the citation for this at the moment.) It’s a combination of ‘don’t panic: it could be worse’ and ‘Fiverr has internal metrics for what they consider a ‘bad’ rating’ and ‘5 is excellent/outstanding, so 4 must be average/standard/normal.’

I had a professor in college who stated first day in class that a ‘C’ was average so if we wanted an ‘A’ we had to be outstanding and WORK for it. I got a ‘B’ and I’m proud of it.

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I wouldn’t worry about a 4 star I would follow up about it to see if you can get it changed. But a 4 star review really isn’t that bad.

On his part I do think that he should be a bit more honest with people. He might be trying to get a tip, tips are not mandatory so I don’t know why he would rate buyers differently based on if they give a tip or not. Also where I am from tipping isn’t really a thing that happens all the time.

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Reviews cannot be changed once they are given.

Also, even though she is a buyer - I would hope that the seller would have enough sense if she were to contact them and ask why the 4 star review that they would not discuss it, as talking about any reviews here can trigger a warning for the seller.

I wouldn’t fret over a 4 from a seller. I don’t even bother to look at how other sellers have reviewed buyers who come to me.


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Interesting that a Seller would give a Buyer a 4-Star review.

I’m sure as a Buyer you can’t wait to give that Seller more of your business (sarcasm, in case it didn’t come through the text).

I don’t think I have given any of my Buyers anything less than a 5-Star rating because without them (even the difficult ones) I wouldn’t be here at all.