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I got a 500 positive reviews today!

I started last 10 months ago…
I like to share my blessing and little bit of my story.
I was on a local business here in Philippines also in designs
my work as a graphic designer is triple times with my salary,
I tried signing in Fiverr then I turned out well…
I quit my office job and start freelancing at home in couple of months I focus on applying on each project…I did fast turn around on each project with quality for each orders until know.

I Thanked the Lord for it, thank you too for my client in believing in my skills
I do this for my family and dreams! God bless us all!

Looking forward working with each of you!
Visit my page and check out my gigs

Awesome. Congrats to you.

Congratulations! I hope to get there one day too!

Thank you sir

You’ll get there too sir, just believe :slight_smile:

Its the power of positivity :wink:

Congrats! Nicely done! On to the next 500 :smiley:

  • Mike

That is greeeaat! Congrats!

wow… Congratulations! you will find your way…

Thank you sir mike!

Thank you acinger!!

Yes!! Thank you sir kingland!

Great. Congrats!

I am at 500 as well, but technically should be at nearly almost triple that review count, but not a lot of people seem to review anymore. At least, not as much as there used to be in my niche’.

Either way, congratulations :slight_smile:

A very inspiring story to share! I’m very thankful for Fiverr as I’m now able to live happy without worrying about money. THANKS FIVERR!

Thank you sir drribroshan

Yes alot of my orders don’t have reviews anymore (too sad)

Thank you sir reecelarkin1 Yes! Thanks Fiverr

This is surely awesome to hear! Thank God and great job!

God is awesome sir! Thank you