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I got a account warning


i got a account warning today i don’t know how to solve this i didn’t share my fiverr details with anyone or i didn’t did any illegal activity


You must have an idea at least? We can’t guess why you got it. Try asking customer support.


it doesn’t really mention illegal activity. Manipulation could be a lot of things. It could be a large number of reviews originating from a review exchange or another problem source. It could be making multiple accounts to review yourself. It could be cancelling many orders to avoid poor reviews. I’m just telling you possibilities that come to mind, but there are too many to guess what happened. If you think about it, perhaps you’ll figure out something that might have looked like manipulation even if it was unintended.


I just received a warning that looked similar but was for sharing my personal information in my profile. I have a personal web address up anyone know if thats against the rules? If so feel like it should be accepted cause its kinda part of the story leading me here. Was just wondering, should have probably read the rules a little bit better.


You are not aloud to share personal info that coul lead someone to contact you or order from you outside of fiverr. The spirit of this is recognizing that you gained the customer contact through fiverr and all communication and sales need to be handled on the platform. I get requests all the time to communicate outside of fiverr. I won’t jeopardized the 60k+ income for some $100 job I tried to funnel outside the platform.

I know your were not probably intending on doing that but that is the problem fiverr sees with your web address in the profile.


Yea, figured it was something like that. Thanks.


I guess they just ignore the Buyer Requests. I just wanted to clarify that there are some instances where you need personal info, though. Designing a business card, for example, is a little bit of a PITA without the person’s name, address, phone number, and/or email address. It’s not OK for the profile, but it is in certain circumstances that occur within a Gig.

I don’t think most of the Fiverr sellers are risking that kind of income though. :slight_smile:


You are correct. All of our products incorporate the customers contact information in the videos or business cards. That is covered under the tos. You just can’t use them to contact the customer. And there is no need for them to have your info. Out of 3000 orders, I’ve had 3 customers find my number or email and I have to politely redirect. I truly check my fiver every hour. My email once a day and my voicemail twice a week. I usually get them back on the platform really quick. :grinning: Also if there is a problem, you get no support from cs if your conversation is not on the platform.


soooo, what did you do?


Landongrace makes the point that it is possible to earn a great living on fiverr and stay within the rules. It makes no sense to try to get around the rules of the site when so many people earn so much on it.


i didn’t share my contact numbers with anyone i tried to contact customer support but the page is not working


Which page did you try, this one?


yes, that’s not what necessarily happened, that’s just something someone suggested might have happened.

-Did you hit the delivery button with no delivery, to get an extension?
-Are you using multiple accounts?
-Are you using a VPN to spoof your location
-Are you sending messages to people about your services without them asking?
-Did you post on Buyer’s Request but instead of a request it was essentially an ad about your service?
-Did you try to manipulate Fiverr’s SEO by overdoing it with your gig’s description or titles? (keywords spam)
-Did you create multiple gigs about essentially the same service, only using different words, just to increase your chances of someone actually finding you in your over-populated niche???

(I tried to think of all the ways rookies try to game the system)



Did you figure outwhat caused it yet?




Oh so it turns out, Fiverr’s secret review system is why Fiverr looked into it right away?

I assume the buyer was even more blunt and honest in during secret feedback process.


This might be the reason.


yes i visit this page
when i visit here my browser i stuck almost i visit here 10 times now


the buyer is totally lied he gave me the instruction to do that


can you contact fiverr support system ?