I got a bad review from my competitor.. How can I deal with it?


Hi, Everyone,

One of my gigs was performing very well recently, and I got more than 70 sales within a couple of months. I was getting 2/3 orders every day because my gig was ranked on the top of similar gig seller for a couple of keywords. Please be noted, some of my competitors were selling the similar gig for last couple fo years.

On the busy time last week, I got an order for $5 where the client sends me a link to promote on my LinkedIn network. I completed his job exactly in the same way as I did for ALL other buyers.

However, he just left me the following review with a 1-star rating.

"This is the biggest fraud on Fiverr, your connection are only from Bangladesh and India they are even not real stop lying people."

On further investigation, I found some facts that clearly indicate that he is not a real buyer rather one of my mean competitors who just invested $5 in ruining my profile.

  1. He took just a couple of action while dealing with me (1) place an order for the basic gig ($5) and (2) left the review. In between, he NEVER replies any of my messages before or after the order or feedback though I sent him at least four messages.

  2. He never asked me anything about my LinkedIn connection/geography, but he left the review based on his guess which is completely false.

If he would be a real buyer, Shouldn’t he talk about the result of my promotion? How many views or clicks he got etc. He should not write the negative review about my network connection without gauging the facts with me. This point also proof that he is just one of my mean competitors.

  1. After reading his negative review, when I sent him the screenshot of my LinkedIn connection and geography where it clearly shows that the majority of my connection are from the USA and Europe. He NEVER replies me yet.
    So, it is, of course, proof that he just invested 5$ just to leave a pre-written text with 1-star ratings.

  2. This point is going to be more interesting: From his Fiverr profile, I knew that he is from Australia. However, the business he wants me to promote (Business name: [link removed by moderator]) is a USA based business. I checked the website and business Facebook page carefully, they even don’t have any branch in Australia. How does this could happen?
    This can only happen when someone just places an order and sends me a link from the google search which is not his business.

I informed everything to Fiverr support through a ticket, but they ignored my request to remove the notorious review.

After this notorious review, I didn’t receive any order and my gig is not showing anywhere on the Fiverr search result for the keywords where it was rank on the top before.

Does anyone face the similar issue? What can I do now?

Best regards,



It’s unfortunate that there are terrible people out there on a mission to bring others down instead of working hard to get to the top. Congratulations on the successes you’ve had, I’m sure you’ll be back up there soon. I do hope Fiverr investigates this more thoroughly since a lot of seller rely on their income and reputation.

In terms of his business being in the US and him in Australia… Maybe a US business contracted him to do promotions? This is very likely since a lot of US companies outsource their marketing and some buyers will get desperate for results.



As you said, I agree there is a possibility. Maybe a US business contracted him to do promotions, but he should talk about the results from the promotion, right?

However, I have good connections with Australian people and culture. At least from my experience, I do not believe an Australian buyer’s morality is not so mean to say this kind of words (fraud and liar) publicly when they have no proof.


This may seem Off-Topic, but keep reading…

Dear Blonde-Haired Sabina from Bangladesh,
You should’ve started your shop here on Fiverr with a profile picture that is actually yours and not taken off the web. I’m thinking whether your gender and name is also real, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt. You can look up Fiverr’s TOS regarding usage of un-original Profile picture.

The reason this is important, as it gives leeway for people to trust you less and the services you offer even lesser.

I am not going to go too much into what happened with this individual but it seems, he might have some issues with people selling falsely advertised products.

So my advice here is to restructure your profile, come to the light of truthfulness and leave this current review behind to look forward.

Your current rating is 4.9 which should still enable you to get Buyer Requests, and the case of not being available on the searches maybe sorted with customer support.

Good Luck! :thumbsup:


Sabina1 your account here has been banned for some reason.
There might be a problem with something you are doing. It’s hard to determine who is at fault when you are posting from a banned account so if you can explain this it might help us to understand.


Yes, I think he should talk about the results but he isn’t “required” to - which is a whole other conversation.

I would say, though my experience with Australians has always been positive, the mean liars and scam artists come from every single country in this world. It’s unfortunate. It’s also possible he is spoofing/lying about his actual location.


Thanks for the suggestion.
I just changed my profile picture to my original.


I agree with this response @topniches1. Please make sure your profile is genuine and doesn’t raise red flags. Also, you’ve only posted once on these forums. Being active in the Fiverr community is a good idea if you want to help add more legitimacy to your product or brand. Best of luck.


Is your account still banned or did they lift that in the last ten minutes?


Ms. C its a bug, here real profile:


Fantastic, now log Out and Log back in the Forum so your forum profile picture gets updated as well!


Why is she posting from a different account? Or is it? Who is topniches1?



I do not see any issue with my profile.
It seems to be a temporarily issue as I just changed the profile picture.


You’re real profile picture looks much better! Being authentic pays! Literally.


Thank you so much, Adrian!


No sometimes, when a user updates their email address on the main site, their forum ID gets the number “1” added to it.
So you have to take out the number “1”.

Yes, it’s annoying… i know.


He could live in Australia and have his site and servers registered in USA.

You should send him any proof you have that it was done exactly as your gig description says.

He should respond if you did as you advertised. If not ask customer support what you can do.


I sent him proofs. He NEVER replies me any messages.


Submit the proof to customer support. They may not help though.


I submitted proofs of what written in the review is completely false, but the guy on the support seems not willing to dive into the issue rather close the ticket with his pre-made template.

He closed my ticket twice so far, and I requested him to forward the issue to his SV.