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I got a bad review. What now?

I am new to Fiverr. I got a very bad review and now my overall profile review is become very low. I guess it is gonna decrease my sales.

Is there any way to remove the review? If I cancel the order now, will it be removed?

Please help.


Yes, cancellation would remove the review. Or ask buyer to change the review mutually in term of correction.

If your buyer accepts the cancellation request then only it’ll get removed otherwise it’ll remain there. You still have 4.55 rating, it’s not quite that bad.

Negotiate with the buyer or Contact Fiverr Support if you think it was not because of your fault.

You need to discuss it further with your buyer, ask the reason he/she left a negative feedback, perhaps it could be a mistake, you never know… if is not a mistake offer to work further until buyer is fully satisfied in exchange to remove feedback.

If you cancel the order at this point I think the negative feedback will remain and the revenue will be refunded to buyer.

Also if you thin this is unjustified feedback you can ask the customer support for help.

Best of luck

Thanks for the support everyone. But this is really confusing. If I cancel the order now there will be a time frame of 2 days/ 3 days where if the buyer don’t accept, it will automatically cancel. In this case the money will be refunded and the review won’t be removed.

But if in this 2/3 days if the buyer accept. Then the review will be removed. Am I right?

Sorry to hear that. All is not lost. These things happen. Carry on the good work

I would try to renegotiate with buyer first. Ask what can you do to improve her experience with you. If she doesn’t responds within a day, then cancel the order. If the feedback stays negative, do contact CS, present your case and ask that they remove negative feedback. Especially if you did what you advertised in a gig.

Most importantly: Keep calm and professional.

Is it possible to ask for a cancellation after the buyer marked an order as completed?
I’m sure it is…

Nice post. I think it’s very helpful.

This proves that you cannot read.

One bad review might not decrease your sales much, but copied gig photo (should it say “upto”?) and the majority of positive reviews coming from other proofreaders could make buyers suspicious.

Thanks everyone for your help. The bad review is removed now as the buyer accept the cancellation.