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I got a big order in low price

Hi Everyone,
yesterday I got a big and sticky order in very price.
While I started the work on it I came to know that how difficult it is but know I can not do anything.
So always think first then starting.

You can let your buyer know this. Send them an extra to cover the amount of work that you have to do (assuming they’ve asked for extra).

If they just ordered your standard gig and you found out that your prices aren’t high enough to fairly compensate you, raise the price of your gig.


There is always an option to cancel.

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Actually I offered him by mistake because I can’t imagine that this work is too much sticky.
buyer created the request and I send him offer

buyer created the request and I send him offer and he accepted so I am not founding any cancellation option here.

This thread should be a sticky thread. (no pun intended)

This is the other side of the coin we see so often around here:

buyers coming here to rant about sellers who took on a project and then couldn’t follow through, or even straight up bolted.

@mudassar408 you have very few options here:

-if you can’t actually perform the task at all, you should immediately communicate that with your buyer, and issue a cancellation using the resolution center
-if you can do the work but it was much harder than you initially anticipated, then you need to just do the work, and mention this to your buyer, be open about your mistake and don’t ask for more $. Ask for more time.

Chalk this up to experience and next time stop for a beat before bidding on the next project.


There is always an option to cancel. or talk with buyer