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I got a buyer who does not respond and does not know what he wants

I got a buyer who does not respond and does not know what he wants He asked for a logo saying that “basically my shop name is under69 and i will sell their health and fitness related product like neck pain relief,knee pain relief knee pain relief(all health related product so i am looking for brand logo.”
When I asked how he wants it to be he said he did not know so I gave him 3 logos instead on one

It has been over 7 hours and no response and his account is showing that he is online but he is not replying
Please help


I’ll bet my bottom dollar that you’re dealing with a reseller.


Oh What that? :upside_down_face:

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I just want to ask if my logos are bad or my client as he gave me 0 information
He said to give him the logos first with watermark and I gave him in the inbox section now he has no response

Basically (from what I’m told) resellers are people on Fiverr who will buyer your gig for cheap and sell it to other customers for higher prices.

But in this case it might actually be a customer (but I highly doubt it, which customer on Fiverr doesn’t know what they want?). Check their profile to see what’s up.

Edit: To expand upon this “which customer on Fiverr doesn’t know what they want?”

Any customer who comes to you with something would have a basic detail or idea. At the very least they’ll give you colour options that they would prefer. This person basically just said do whatever.

On top of that if they are online and not responding then that would mean they have delivered your gig (if they actually are a reseller) to their client/buyer and are waiting for a response before approving you and marking the order as complete.


Thank you so much for the information but if you look closely there is a watermark he cant fix that unless he uses content aware fill inn photoshop and aslo he is a new buyer who joined fiverr a month ago

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@anvith_619 don,t worry take a screenshot in your case and send mail to fiver community they will do something.

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Thank you so much for the information
I will do it sooner or later

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Uhm, you should probably blur all of those people’s names. People on the Fiverr forums don’t like it when you reveal personal info of others, even if their dicks or sketchy.

Also I’m happy if you’re not dealing with a reseller but those people are notorious for opening multiple accounts (allegedly, I assume).

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Thank you so much
I learn something new everyday

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Yup, that looks a lot like a reseller behavior.
I personally don’t mind resellers, but they have to take on full responsibility for providing me with sufficient information.

I would just deliver the order as it is with a subtle reminder that they only have 1-2 free revisions.

UPD: oh, so there was no order to begin with. I’d say just block them and forget they exist, they are probably trying to scam you for free work. Next time just refer buyers to your portfolio or make a few logos for made up companies to show, if they are asking for a sample.


Oh okay
I will wait just one more day and then delete conversation
I really worked hard to create them now I am very sad :sweat:
I Have encouter 4 scams in 3 moths :rofl:
One guy wants me to login in his website and other wants me to do a logo 20 for 300$ but i must pay him 50$ to prove that I am real and one other guy wants me to bring him 20 subscribers
Fiverr is wierd

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wait a second, did you create those logos without having an order in place? so that guy basically told you that he is not going to place an order and you still proceeded to do work for him?

I can’t say it enough, never work without having an order. If you are doing work without order in place consider it upfront as giving work for free.


I am a new seller with 0 reviews here is what he said
“ok no issue… can you make a logo first? cause after placing order if i dont like your logo then its difficult to cancel order… don’t worry you can use watermark”
Since I am a new seller with no reviews I gave him the logo with watermark
I dont know if it was my mistake or his because If they dont like my logo after placing order then my account will go to waste and I spent so much handwork creating my gigs
Lame example but you know what I mean

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well, that’s still your choice. Even when I was new I never agreed to do work for free because I’m sure of the quality I’m providing.
If you still want to go forward and do work without order “just to be sure” then you need to have a mindset of lost work upfront and do not hope that clients will proceed to placing orders after that.

Oh, and also do not ever offer unlimited revisions. That is an open invitation for scammers. It can be abused to never marking your order as complete.
No legit and sane buyer would need unlimited revisions anyways.
If you want to make buyer feel safer, offer 4-5 revisions instead of standard 1-2, but never go for unlimited.

I understand that it’s tough for new sellers with no rating, especially in logo design field, but offering to work for free or to work on the same order forever won’t bring you any good customers.

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Thank you so much for the information I am only 13 so I have little idea about fiverr
Thank you for info I sure will implement it

I am not that confident to be honest I am a new seller and have only been here for 3 months
I believe the first 10 orders are extremely important but in case I mess up then my fiverr gig ranking and so will my account derank and get bad impressions
I give thier logo concepts with watermarks in the start and if they are satisfied they can place offer
I will do this till I get my first 5 orders to get the ball rolling :grinning:
Thank you!

Am I a bad graphic designer or is the client bad is the real question
I think I could have done a better job as I did all 3 logos in 2 hours mainly becuase I did not want him to order other persosn gig before mine
So this is also my fualt at the same time :pensive: