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I got a dispute and I haven't a clue what to do!

Hello, I am a seller and I just got a dispute from a buyer. The buyer wanted a certain font for the work and the only way I could get that font would be to pay monthly. I could possibly cancel after the first month but they paid me for the work, not for the fonts. I have no clue what to do about it.

I don’t have many orders and I think that having that canceled order could really hurt my rankings and orders.


Add a Gig Extra to the order that covers the cost of the fee to acquire the font. If the Buyer wants the font, great, but they need to pay for it.


I am just thinking that I should tell them what I think about it but accept it. Also if I complete the order I am worried that they might give a bad review


A font that requires monthly payment??


Was this ‘font’ discussed when the buyer ordered?

Its a premium subscription on the website from what I believe. I might be wrong, but that is from what I can find but I could be wrong

Talk to the buyer or again deliver the work…I think it would be better

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This could go wrong in the long term. Even if the buyer decided to pay for the font, how much would you charge? Assuming the buyer wants the font on the site forever.

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I think I might accept the dispute because I would rather they cancel than us both be stuck with them paying for something that they don’t want me working for something that they don’t want.

Or offer an alternative font

I spent quite alot of time looking for another font and I think it might just be worth letting them cancel.

Can you draw a ‘similar’ font?

This is a tricky one. So often I see jobs where someone wants work done using a $300-$1,200 piece of software (like it is the only way to do it) but they want to pay a fraction of that price. Fair enough if that software is noted BEFORE the deal is done but if they assume, pay $30 and then expect me to own this expensive (but otherwise useless to me) software or won’t otherwise provide it for me, it is just a sign of their cluelessness.

If they spring this on you, and won’t cover the costs associated with this very specific choice, I’d say tell CS you need a no fault Cancellation as there is no other path that will see this person happy and leave you open for bad reviews when they try to claim you are at fault for not owning every font ever made and hidden behind paywalls.



It’s probable that they know the only way to get this font is by subscription but they are expecting the magic of Fiverr where a seller can wave their wand and deliver a hacked/cracked/knock-off version of what they want for a fraction of the cost.
This request screams CANCEL!


You hit the nail on the head! It is a premium service on the website

I don’t know if it is too late but, I would be honest with the buyer and offer a few alternative fonts. Most buyers I’ve dealt with are flexible. For example I work with sound design, and often it’s not possible to get a sound to sound exactly like the sample they give you, unless you happen to have all the equipment it was originally created with, but I can create something very close. Of course it is a different industry so perhaps customer perceptions are different, but it is worth discussing alternatives with the customer. Unless the font is based on the person’s “brand” (in which case one would assume they would have had access to that font), then I think many people would be flexible, though I know some customers are just stubborn.
Best of luck

I recognize those kinds of customers, who expect you to have a certain plugin or VST and only want that plugin. I’ve been lucky that in my cases we were able to have a work around, since he was able to bounce that track with the effect built in. Otherwise I would have barely broken even, if you add the plugin in cost and the cost of the hours i spent, so it wouldn’t be worth it

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“From what I can tell, it’s a premium membership on the website. I may be mistaken, but that is what I have discovered so far”

You have been doing nothing other than copying posts for 3 days, it’s tiring :yawning_face:


@devprince Don’t copy forum posts

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