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I got a email restricted about my account by using some word sk@ype, email etc


Hello, I am new on fiverr, Trying to learn every rules and regulation on here, some of my client asked me to give them ■■■■■ or email for order submit or easy to communication. I did not know it is against of TOS. They just restricted my account, i don’t ever violate fiverr policy. i want to make my carrier on fiverr with my good work maintain there rules and regulation,

Please give me your kind suggestion how can i get back my account in normal from restriction??



It’s best to learn the rules first and not wait until you get banned to figure them out.

As far as I know you can’t get it back after it’s gone.


Thanks for your reply , Yes I will try learn fast. Could you please tell me when they banned an account? because already they restricted my account, i could not send message to my client. is the restricted and banned is same on here?


I suggest you ask customer support these questions. I don’t know the answers.




okay, i will. thank you so much


Thank you so much. I am going to read them