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I got a Funny Client on my Gigs!

Last week I received a gigs for squrespace website design and setup. The client provide me a non email verified squrespace account. And a Godaddy register account where no domain purchase history. Now client showing me her Domain purchase history on screenshort. (2nd Godaddy account)

And I have found (Client screen short) the domain has been purchased from another godaddy account (2nd Godaddy account), and last 3-4 days wasting my time by saying that please check the godaddy account (which one is false account provided on fiverr doc)

Is it not a funny matter? actually she need a customize squrespace design and when I will be finish, she will be change the squrespace account password and run away by cancel the Gigs on fiverr and fiverr will loss 20%. and I will be loss my work.

Here still the client online but not answering any thing properly, after my message–

“So, please send me the godaddy (2nd Godaddy account) right account details: 12335XXXX and provide me Squrespace membership account.”

Just leave your comment about the Order ---------- shall I cancel the order?

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Sometimes buyers are technologically challenged and have no idea what you’re asking them - they’re seeing words, but don’t know what they mean.

Try asking them for sign in details for all the accounts they have with godaddy and see what they say.

Don’t offer to cancel - take screenshots of the conversation and ask CS about it. They may be able to cancel without it affecting your account.

Sorry Mr. in this case buyer is very technical and know how to stolen work from fiverr.

OK then - CS it is.

By the way, just fyi - the accepted way to refer attract someone’s attention is with @ and their name. Who knows what gender I am … ?

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Top tip! <3

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