I got a GF!


I met this nice beautiful white blond 21 year old Nigerian lady who sells facebook likes on fiverr. She is beautiful infact she sells stock photos of her self crazy right… She is so friendly :slight_smile: she wants to know all about my life. My hobbies, my hopes and dreams, my address and my google id phone number. She also promised to hire me to help with her business, paying me $300 a day! All I have to do is give her my paypal because she doesn’t like the fiverr ordering system…well I gotta go because my fiverr account isn’t working for some reason those dam people upgrading V2 get your sh#$t together.

take care guys!



Is there a large amount of money that she wants to put in your bank account because nobody has come forward to claim it? If only you send her your details and pay a small percentage to her. . .

great post :wink:


Wow! Does she have a sister?


Matt :slight_smile: This would only be more funny if you were gay and out :slight_smile:


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Yes she has. But she has the biggest bump. you cant take care of that. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m so happy for you! Maybe you can wire her some money so she can come over and visit!


Never ever heard of a white Nigerian, white blond Nigerian is even more ridiculous.