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I got a gig outside Fiverr. Can I ask client to pay through Fiverr?

Hey, so I found a friend on Facebook asking for a webpage. It is done now. This was my first gig and I really wish this was through Fiverr because I don’t seem to get any orders and that one review might help. But my concerns are that this might be against TOS. Like it could be seen as me paying myself.
Have anyone been in a similar situation? Do I have to make my client write out a detailed request, act out being in contact, and waiting a few days before completing the order or can I just complete it immediately? Or should I not do it at all?

Hope someone can help me! :relaxed:

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No I think its completly fine to bring business on fiverr as far as I know. Also, there is a menu for
“BYOB” stands for bring your own business and that will be comission free.

Looks awesome. I didn’t even know about 20% commission. That’s a shame.

You got an idea why there is no “BYOB” option for me?

yeah sure, check screenshot attached

My page says “Scale your Business” instead of “BYOB”. And its basically a promotion thing page. Like a badge to copy in my own page and a link to my profile. And that generate custom offer thing which I think is also just for promotion and wont give me back Fiverr commission.

then am not sure about it, may be for level selelrs only

You can promote your gigs on social media and its absolutely fine to get order from there. As you are using fiverr as platform to perform your business.

I can also find “Scale your Business” menu rather than BYOB. I am level one seller.

@aarontgladiator And you are basing your answer on what data/information?

You should not just give a statement you do not have evidence of.

Yes, he can ask client to start Fiverr account, order through Fiverr and get payed through Fiverr.

But, the problem is 20% lost.

20% is a big amount. I merely suggested that he could keep the 20% as 1 review won’t change much.

Nothing that you are talking about is in his post and he explained his situation and you are not referencing at all that is in his situation.

20% is nothing, investment.


How can I join this program?

At the moment, this program is open only for select sellers.

@aarontgladiator Well since it is NOT a fake order, I don’t think there’s going to be an issue. Your statements are very vague and undescriptive. And one review does help a lot in getting started with new orders. Speaking from experience.

Alright, well, I mean everyone has different opinions, I just wanted to express mine.

Expressing your opinion is fine, but this is a discussion forum meant to be for helping people who are confused. Adding more to the confusion and claiming that you expressed your opinion is not justified. If you are going to take the time to write a helping message, just be sure that you know what you’re talking about.