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I Got A Long Forgotten Buyer Request

This morning I got a long forgotten buyer request, one that I had sent a custom offer to at least more than a week ago. I thought the buyer had long since gotten their project done.

This is even a better reason to do your very best when writing BR custom offers. You never know when someone is still deciding who to use and will remember you.

I also took a BR tip from another seller and made my offers shorter. They were getting a little long, because I thought the more info condensed into the offer, the better for the buyer. I can see the wisdom in making my offers shorter, but informative.

Good luck to you. Don’t give up!

Yes I appreciate you. Some buyer may be too busy to response instantly but it means that they are gone. I’m also a new seller. Just learnt an important thing from your post. Thank you very much. Wish you all the best.

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You are very welcome, Jessy! Yes, I’m very busy, not just with Fiverr, but with other things too. I also help my 80yo elderly mom. I try to take time to share sometimes to help others. We’re all trying to do better and we need each other.

Here is another post I did about Buyer Requests that may help you:

Have a good day! :sunflower::rose::sunflower:

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Thank you verymuch @acdesignstudio. You are so kind.

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This is good information for us noobies. Thank you.

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It’s quite normal that I get orders from the offers that were sent 2 weeks ago. Yes, you gotta make your offer perfect.:+1:

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