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I got a message flagged


Hi guys. I’m really nervous right now. A buyer placed an order and, on the the order conversation, asked me for my email (to send me kind of an invitation email to download the material I am going to work with). I remember reading that providing personal information was allowed if it was necessary to continue the order, however I have never done it before so when i typed my email there was this red text from fiverr warning me about that. For a very stupid reason i figured it was “better” to write the email like “xxxxx at” instead of just writing the complete email. I know, so dumb!. Obviously I got the message flagged and I’m worrying that, because of the way i wrote it, Fiverr will think i am violating the terms of use, I don’t know. Will they check the complete conversation and realize it was just part of the order process or do you think they will just asume I’m doing something wrong? I’m so nervous right now. Has someone been in a similar situation before? What’s the worst that could happen to me? :’( . Would you suggest me to contact Fiverr support and explain what happened now or just wait for them to check the flagged message? I seriously don’t want to get in trouble.

Thanks a lot for reading!


Try not to worry about it too much. When I first started, I made a similar mistake and received an automated account warning for typing “pay” in the chat box.

Yes, it may be a good idea to contact support.


Thanks a lot! :sweat: I’ll contact them and try to relax! :wink: :relieved: Thanks for sharing that experience!


Same happened to me once.
CS told me that if your gig says you need to share e mail, skype, etc, it is ok to do it. So, if in the future you need to share something like that just edit your gig and write it down.


By doing what you did you violated the ToS. It is usual very easy to exchange the materials needed for gig completion via the gig requirements. In case that this is not possible you should contact CS for support, but you are not allowed to give away your e-mail address or any other direct contact information.


Thank you. Did Fiverr do something with your account because of that?


Thanks. So would my account get suspended or something like that? What exaclty do they do about it? I was doing so well :’( .


Only CS can answer this. I believe that it depends on the mood of the CS agent. They could suspend you or just give you a warning as a tick on your wrist.


Definitely contact CS and tell them you did something wrong & had misunderstood the ruling around exchange of information. Grovel. You are only allowed to exchange personal information when that is absolutely the only way to do the gig, like you’re posting something physically, or your gig title says you’ll do live skype consultation.


Thanks a lot guys. I’m going to contact CS but i still don’t know which category to chose, I think i’m going for “Order Support” and then “Order Inquiry” You think it’s accurate?


Thanks a lot guys. I’m going to contact CS but i still don’t know which category to chose, I think i’m going for “Order Support” and then “Order Inquiry” You think it’s accurate?


probably order support though sometimes you have to pick one and see what field options it gives you and if they’re appropriate.


Thanks, everyone. I sent the help request to CS. I really appreciate everyone’s response on this, I had no idea what to do or expect, thank you. Let’s see how this goes tomorrow. :cold_sweat::wink:


In the future you can avoid this with some simple steps. If the information is necessary for your gig and you need the buyer to send it to you after the order has started, ask the buyer to send the information in an attachment. If you need to send something to the buyer, use the same method.

You should still have CS check your gig and make sure they have OK’d you to exchange that kind of information. If they have, the attachments will still pass if they are checked, but they won’t cause the “red box” on the message window. You don’t want to do this to bypass the rules, so that is why notifying CS is important, but by sending the data in the message field it’s too easy to get auto-flagged.


I’ve received such messages before for using certain words, but it didn’t really concern me. For example, I have seen messages warning not to accept outside payments when explaining to buyers how payments work on Fiverr. Obviously, not everyone who writes the word, “pay” is breaking the rules, and neither was I, so I didn’t think it was anything to be concerned about.


Nope, just a warning.


Had this happen twice. The whatever-reads-along is a bit overzealous. In the end, nothing to worry about.


Hello guys!. Fortunately nothing happened but the warning message from fiverr on my homepage this morning with the option “ok i understand”, and the message i sent with my email was blocked to the buyer. Thanks all for the answers and tips on similar situations, however I’m planning to avoid situations like this in the future, I got so nervous (but thanks to some of your messages I did not faint out of it LOL). :sweat_smile: I don’t want to get into it again. But yes it might be kind of hard when it comes to simple words like just “email”.

The thing is that I tend to care too much not to annoy, confuse or complicate things for the buyer. In this case he was in a hurry (ordered extra-fast delivery), wanted me to get his pictures from Canva (which I never used before). He insisted on getting my email, then I realized that it was because he wanted resend an email to me with the button to access the gallery. I imagine he wans’t aware he could just get the the invitation link somewhere on the gallery and send it to me, his previous designer was in charge of the gallery I guess… Anyways… conclusion is that we could finally get to work without any issue. But next time something similar happens with another client the first thing I’ll do will be asking why is email the only way to continue the work, and if it’s something like this case, I guess I’ll just have to do my best on explaining clear and quick, other ways to keep everything on the order chat…

Alright, thanks again everyone :blush: I oficially love the forum :heart:


My query is similar to this experience but situation is a bit different.
My message has been flagged and I am wondering if I have written something in my reply that is in against Fiverr’s TOS.
Any leads will be appreciated.


@hiraathar This is spam. I & many others have received the very same message.