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I got a message for one of my gig

Yesterday i got a message from someone who is interested in one of my gig, However i had a few questions and asked them, It’s been 24 hours, the person shows online but is not responding. This happened to me once before and i cancelled the order because there was no prompt response… My question to fellow people who has been on fiverr for a long time is, how long does it take for a buyer to respond are they always this slow at responding? or is there some other issue?

It depends on the buyer. I wouldn’t pester them, though. I’m both a buyer and seller and sometimes I “shop around” looking for the best person for the job. I get very annoyed when a seller continuously messages me asking if I’m ready to buy yet.

If they want to buy your gig, they’ll come back and talk to you. Don’t wait around on them :slight_smile:


This can vary wildly. It depends completely on the individual buyer. I’ve had buyer’s contact me about a gig, then fall off the map and never be heard from again. (This is not uncommon.) But other times I’ve had a buyer contact me months later asking for a custom offer like no time had passed.

Other times you get a message and an order all within an hour. It really depends…

Good luck!

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Thank you sydneymorgan and theslackjaw for answering my queries

There are no rules, some buyer replay soon someone late and someone other never!