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I got a message . May be he is a spammer, So Be careful every seller

I got a message . May be he is a spammer, So Be careful every seller.
Message screenshot:


It might be so. If I am sceptical I check when their profile was made. If it is recent most times it is a scammer as they make multiple accounts when their other ones get shut down. Try asking them for more information? Most times they will respond with automated responses not answering your questions if they are a scammer.

Overall I would not download it.

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Yes I wouldn’t run it (it seems suspicious - trying to get you to run “Data Sort App Setup.exe” to see what a web landing page should like?). Surely he could be asked to send a screen-shot of it (.jpg) instead if it was legit.


I hope you have reported him.

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Thats definitely a spammer

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a spammer and scammer

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You must report him/her and should be banned

Yes. This is a spam message. Everybody should report if he or she gets any spam message like this. Then Fiverr will help us.:slightly_smiling_face:

Most def a Spammer or worse, it could be a ransomeware attacker. Never click on an exe file ! Report it right away.

Do we know if Fiverr scan all uploaded files for the latest most known viruses ?

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