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I got a message which fiverr doesn't allow me to read

I got a message from a person which I cannot read when I click it.

I get this alert message instead - " For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly. "

Is this because the user is banned? And also I cannot view the user and I get the message that the page is no longer available.

Awaiting a reply.

Thank You!

Yes, looks like the person’s account was banned :wink:

What will happen now is that your response time will take a nose dive. No matter what Fiverr says in official posts- If you do not respond to a message, your response rate/time takes a serious hit, and it will keep on falling because you cannot respond to the message- even if you wanted to.

Reply to @reinier01: Is there any way to fix it? I haven’t made any sales yet so I guess it will be really hard if my response time increases.

Reply to @minojsos7: Your best bet would be to contact Customer Support and explain the situation to them. Not having any sales will certainly reduce your chances of attracting customers because they do not know the reason for your long response time. Most customers prefer short lead times, and even if you responded to all subsequent messages promptly, it can take you forever and a day to decrease your response time.

I contacted CS about my issue, and they reset my response time to what it was before the spam message arrived, so they should do it for you as well. Good luck!