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I got a negative review , Dont know why


I got an order from one of a client… And that guy gave me a adult/age restricted page to provide him likes…

Obviously I denied to give him likes and asked for mutual cancellation…

He denied to cancel the order and therefore I Was forced to cancel the order…

Now the problem is that he rated me negative…And i am not able to rate him back…

Please help me that negative rating made my profile from 100% positive to 83% positive rating…

Please help



Try to inform contact support…They’ll help you…




Also make sure it is in your gig discription thhe kind of work that you will not do. It will help with further problems


I think you overlooked the message (not sure if they display it now but fiverr used to display it earlier) when you try to force cancel the order.

You need to have more patience level than you could ever imagine. I’m not saying you are wrong just try to explain the same to the buyer in one or two lines and after few tries to mutually cancel the order should have contacted Fiverr Support… though it’s a different thing they don’t get back to you even in 4 days as my requests are still pending :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah I agree with eddycloyd what he suggested that you should mentioned it in your Gig Description as well that you don’t entertain Adult Pages.




Hi there. If you force the cancellation, it automatically is negative on your account. This may be why you see what you perceive as a negative rating. It is actually automatic feedback because you forced the cancellation. :frowning:


A cancellation shouldn’t lower your rating though. Only actual negative ratings do that. Cancellations are a stat all there own. (I agree that it is a negative one.)

Be sure to mention that he linked you to an adult site. That is against the Fiverr terms of service so you might be able to get the whole order wiped away.

Good Luck!


O, I see now. Thanks kjblynx! I have not been in that position so I was not aware that was the case. (Cue the rainbow…) The more you know…


but wait if u canceled the order how did they leave negative feedback?