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I got a new gig but they don't have a script yet so that takes away from m delivery time


Is there some way to fix this? Like say if we request the script to be in word format it wont put the order in?


SO its a late count? Why do we suffer for their mistakes? I opened a ticket on this with CS


That will make it two because of buyer error on m new account. SO if the mutual request goes un noticed?


It does instruct them to send me a script and other information needed.


Still no word back. I cant do this gig if they dont send me a script as mentioned.


Now this fool sent me this:


The last movie ordered was in mp3 so, please do the same. And I have opened a task for our content writer, please be patient since this could take a few days. Thanks and regards, [fragglesrock]

03:05 November 13, 2013

I have 2 days left to deliver this. WTF…


so resolution and mutual cancel?


I think they did this on purpose


This is their reply

Excuse me? Why would I want to cancel the order? I explained to you that I need a script and it takes a bit of time. I am just wondering here who is working for whom here? I paid you, the least you can do is hold your horses.


I put the cancellation through… AM i some what safe?


Its like now I don’t even want to do it now because of the lack of respect.


Well lets see where it goes from here:)




so its been 24hours and they listing is still thre since i last froze it grrr


OK well it says it will expire in a couple hours so fingers crossed.


How do I block them from ordering again?


Yay made it level 1