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I got a new order but without any requirements what can i do?


Please anyone help me to this type of orders.
I have one new order on 20th December - without any requirements in this order. This is showing


We are waiting for the buyer to submit the requirements.
Until then, the countdown for this order will not start.
awaiting for buyer requirements still. I contacted buyer but he/she last seen 1 day ago .So, now what can i do for this type of order issues? Anyone help me… Waiting for valuable replies…


Self-explanatory - just wait for the requirements to be submitted. :slightly_smiling_face:


Order isn’t started yet, don’t panic you have an order but in order to start the clock the buyer needs to give you the infos needed.
you wont get any issue as the order is there but not started yet, you can contact the buyer and ask for the infos and help him to start the gig, he might be new to fiverr so he might need help.


Thank you sir for your valuable reply…


Thanks sir for your valuable info… One thing i need to know My gig is one day delivery time but this order is not started without requirements ( after one day complete ) still .This is affecting my delivery is late .Let me know…


No - if you haven’t got the requirements, you can’t do the order, and you can’t deliver, so it can’t be late.

The order clock will only start when the requirements are provided.


Once again thanks to all your valuable replies…:pray::pray::pray:
Thanks a lot…


Just send a reminder to the buyer, sometimes they forget to submit the requirements.


Thanks a lot…