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I got a notice from Fiverr that I must not share Email, Skype, etc.,


Any one here familiar with Blogger? It requires email id to get admin access and to make changes on template. If I don’t share email id how can I make changes to the Blogger template?

Yesterday a guy from United States asked me to install OS on his new Dell desktop PC. I have given him instructions through video on skype. I was a difficult task to instruct an OS install on a remote system. If you don’t share your Skype then how can you instruct this buyer?

For this I got notice from Fiverr that I must not share email, skype, with buyers.

Please tell me with all these restrictions and a threat to the Fiverr account, how can you work?


You need to ask customer support before you exchange information if you will be allowed to since your gigs require it.


Anyone here familiar with Fiverr TOS?

Sellers are explicitly required to seek permission from Fiverr CS, on a case by case basis, if the order requires exchange of contacts.

…by following the TOS.