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I got a one star review for not delivering on time :(

I am very very sad. Has anyone gotten clients even if they got a one-star review?


But this is review from 10 months ago.

This will not be a problem for your new customers. As you work harder, you will find that it will be easier for you to find work when other customers give you positive reviews.

Why are you very very sad? It was your mistake. For order to be cancelled automatically you had to be late to deliver it at least 2 days after the order deadline.
How do you think your client felt? Do you think he was very very sad too? Because you didn’t deliver what you promised and made him waste time.

Maybe you do have a chance but ask yourself: if you were a client would’ve you trust your order to a seller that didn’t communicate, made you waste and didn’t deliver your order at the end?


I also followed up with the client and tried to complete the gig anyways for free.

You have to accept it and work on time.

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