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I got a request to buy a domain? Is it safe?


I searched in the forum to get an aswer, but I am still confused.

I was contacted by a person asking me to buy a domain for him.

I am not a tech person, and my impression is that it is risky to buy domains for others. And this is not the gig I offer. I was contacted because I live in Spain, and this person need a .es domain.

The person didn’t give me any detail on how it would be done, but I am just wondering (in my ignorance) if it is a normal transaction that people normally do on Fivver or elsewhere.

As usual, thank you for your very appreciated help and advice.


Yes, it is. The buyer could cancel the order after you have made the purchase for them and you would be left with nothing! Plus, it is committing fraud which is unethical and will get you in trouble with Fiverr!

Block this person now!


Thank you very much!

I didn’t intend to accept, but I was very curious of knowing why someone would ask it… it is something everyone can do, so I thought there must be some shady reason behind.

Very helpful

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Of course it isn’t safe. You don’t want a police officer knocking to your door because of drugs being sold on the site hosted on the domain which was registered using your personal data.


Not at all :joy: probably this person checked my profile and could see I don’t have any tech/informatics skill and hoped I would accept!

Surely he wouldn’t ask to people that works in the digital world!

Thank you again, have a lovely weekend!