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I got a tip for my 4th order with a 4.7 rating 🤔

Buyer has left me a good review with also a tip. So, I cannot understand why he has given me 4.7 rating. Is it good if I ask him to consider it again? Please drop your ideas,


No need to consider it Again, yiu can carry on…if you want to do that it’s can hamper you


OK, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

4.7 rating is not bad, your client rate your work i think that’s counts. work hard and keep up your best work Good luck. :+1: :+1:

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You achieved 94% positive feedback. Be happy.

When a seller receives a 4.7 rating, it means their buyer was not quite as satisfied with one aspect of the seller’s offering. Often in the forum we see comments about communication being an issue (often due to a seller having English as a second language).

Also, you’ve got to remember that in the US, where your buyer was from, $10 (a $5 gig and a $5 tip) after Fiverr commission (so $8) is the price of a couple of takeout coffees. I often use this example in the forums. The price of two takeout coffees is nothing to most individuals and small businesses in the US, while in some countries $8 is worth considerably more. Your buyer was just being honest and polite with their review and tip.


Ok, thanks but will it affect my gig badly?

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**Its a good rating **
Don’t worry about it just keep up the good work.

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Thanks, wish you the same

It’s not bad review, keep it up

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4.7 is a good rating also you cant ask him again because its the sellers review and their alone.

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In the usa its pretty a lot of people tip even for sub par service out of habit. TBH 4.7 is good though.

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