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I got a tip on no gig...My tip gig is not in the listings but others do have them in search?


Just a question about my tip gig. It does not show up anywhere in the category “relationship advice” where I listed it.

I just did a search on the keywords “accept a tip” and see lots of tip gigs, but mine does not appear anywhere.

The only place mine appears is if you look at my profile and see all my gigs.

Someone just left me a tip on it and on the order page there is no mention of which gig that $5 tip was from. So I just wondered if anyone else has noticed that their tip gig is missing from anyplace in the search. It took me some looking around before I found out how this buyer was able to leave me a tip, but do it without it being related to any of my gigs.

Notice on the order for the tip there is no showing of any gig.


I didn’t think those tip gigs could be associated with any other gig because it is an individual gig all in itself.

It looks like it might be a typo, or bug in the system, because you see “accept a tip from you” as the item and I think the quantity, duration and amount line is supposed to be up.


Yes but usually there is a picture of the actual gig on an order. And this is definitely a gig that it was left on, even if the purpose was just to leave a tip.

I am the one who wrote “accept a tip from you” as the purpose of the order. It’s on the gig itself as the description.


I don’t understand…

People leave tips on actual gigs they order, not on a “tip gig”.

To my understanding, the “tip gig” revolution came about because historically you could not place a tip on any gig order.

So I’m still confused on how they can associate a separate gig, that being the tip gig, with any other gig.


Sellers can have gigs that only have the purpose of leaving a tip. But it’s still a gig.



So you sent in a custom offer using your tip gig of $5 with a description of “accept a gig from you”?


I didn’t send a custom offer. I have a tip gig that shows if you look at my profile and see all of my gigs.


Yes, so how will that have an image of the “real gig” that they are tipping on? If it is a separate gig.

Where’s the link?


Do a search on the phrase “accept a tip” and you will see lots of tip gigs.


All orders show a thumbnail picture of the gig they are from. So this one does not, it is the very first order I’ve ever seen that has no thumbnail picture of the gig.


oh, your initial post was confusing. You made it sound like your tip gig somehow showed the thumbnail of the separate gig they were tipping on.

I see what you are actually saying now.



Just looked at one of the orders in my queue and it has no thumbnail of the gig.


You’re right, thanks :smiley:


Man someone is going to read through this and laugh their a** off.

I’ve been thinking about creating myself a tip gig. I sometimes tend to offer way too much chat support prior to orders. Takes a lot of time.


Anyway I couldn’t figure out how this buyer left me a tip and on which gig.

Then I finally realized it was that tip gig. So I looked for it on the listings and it’s not even listed anywhere, even though other tips gigs show up.


Ah, so the link at the top that says “view gig” I think takes you to the gig the order was placed on.

And that’s strange about the listings thing, did you try a logged out incognito browser?