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I got a warning and can't even ask a question about it

I got a warning about something very technical. A guy hired multiple people to do the same, very vage job. I asked for extra info but got none, so went to requests to see if I could get help. I found someone who did something similar before and was allowed to keep the rights to the content.

So i bought that, rewrote it but not 100% and submitted. Turns out this was one of the other ppl my guy hired. So he was unhappy and wanted to cancel, but agreed that no copyright breach was made and that technically this was ok, just not what he wanted.

I agreed to cancel, even though I assumed that Fiverr would side with me given the case. Wanted to keep the guy happy so eh.

A few hours later I get a warning for copyright, even though the guy said it wasn’t the case in the cancelation. I tried asking support of this is ok or not, and they refuse to discuss the case and even the situation. I told them that I don’t want to overturn is, just want clarity. But they don’t want to talk about warnings at all it seems.

Does anyone here know if there is some other place where I can ask?

Personally I find it very unprofessional that they don’t want to even talk about warnings. Especially since this can cost you your profile.

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So was the seller you bought it off selling it as a unique article or was it a pre-written article he was selling (like a PLR article)? If you bought off the seller and they were selling it as an original article and they sold it to 2 people surely they’d be in trouble re: copyright. Though if they were selling it as an original article which you were going to sell on to 1 person only, there’d be no reason for you to rewrite it.

But it seems like your buyer reported you and maybe that’s why CS is not giving more info about it - though you could still ask them for more info maybe if you need to. If you didn’t have exclusive rights to it and you hadn’t rewritten it fully (done whatever is needed so it’s an original article & passes plagiarism checkers) maybe that’s the reason for the warning.


Hello, it’s a tiny bit sketchy. But if you don’t get more warnings you should be ok.

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The issue is, I wanted to ask them what part in this story is not ok to do, and they just refuse to talk.

The guy hires you and you hire someone else and use that to send to the guy. So far that’s ok.

But then he hires the same guy you hired, and gets the same thing he sent you?

So basically he got the same thing from you that he got from the other seller?

That’s really strange. What exactly did the warning say?

Fiverr has right in their terms of service that anything you get from a seller is yours to do with as you please and you own the copyright to. So you owned it and have a right to sell it.

If they won’t discuss it with you there isn’t anything you can do about it. I’m sorry this happened to you.

Of course we don’t have the actual reason or complaint that led to it so we on the forum are not in a good position to make any judgments on this. And they probably don’t want to get into arguments so they don’t talk about it, or reveal what the client said.


Yes, this is how I see it. But I honestly think that it is extremely unprofessional that this can happen. Does this mean that basically anyone can lie and they just randomly side with the buyer?

My situation is a grey area, and I honestly would like to know where it went wrong in the chain of steps. The fact that they don’t even discuss it is just bad practice IMO.

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