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I got a warning. So I need help

Hi everyone,
I got a warning from Fiverr Please check the image. What is the exact issue?
Can anyone explain it

Ask them. There’s no way of us telling based on this email. Please keep in mind the wait time for a response from CS is 7-10 days, so you may not get an immediate response.

Oh, and READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE !!! !!! !!!

If you do, you’ll probably find out what rule you broke.


None can understand what is the actual issue.
Probably you know fiverr’s terms of services. You may read it again.

Find out issue: Read your recent all conversation with buyers ( from previous day of receiving warning).

Focus on :

  1. Have you discussed or provided or took email address, phone number, any social media, sk*pe or another communication platforms with buyers ?
  2. Have you communicated with buyers outside fiverr ?
  3. Do you discuss about payment or attempt to receive payment outside fiverr?


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What was your last actions?
You have to read ToS - once, twice or more, and this will help you to understand and to avoid next warnings.

And actually, you had to read ToS BEFORE you started to work - this is very important, because if you do this again, you can be blocked forever


Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.

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