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I got a warning today (I am new at Fiverr)

I recently got a warning for making a gig that was along those lines “I will comment and like every posts on your social media for 1 week” and the thing is that I did take the time to read the ToS to make sure I didn’t violate it again.

Yes, I got one of my gigs removed because it had something to do with academic work and it makes sense but there, I have no idea as there are people that already offer this kind of service and I didn’t intend to copy anyone and really took my time to make it affordable and easy for people to understand what my service exactly was about.

I am fairly new on Fiverr and getting a warning for “offering services that are not allowed in our market place” kind of feels discouraging and actually makes me feel scared of creating new gigs as I am afraid to violate the ToS that I, once again, took the time to read (maybe I’m misunderstanding it, right.)

I wanted to know if anyone had any idea of why my gig got denied and why I got a warning from getting 2 gigs that I created denied, I would rather only want my gigs to be denied and just actually move on as it got removed before I even got orders at all.
Hopefully that made sense.
I already sent a support ticket about it.

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Well, if that’s the case, then maybe just find a new niche? Just to be sure, you know?

Possibly “violation of a third party’s terms of service” as most social networks have things in their TOS about buying traffic.


Yup, I kind of want Fiverr to actually be specific about why they remove a gig and gives us at least one day to fix it, I don’t wanna directly get a warning for something I didn’t understand even if I actually read the ToS. I find this to be too harsh and therefore makes it risky to even work on Fiverr as you can get warnings over little things like that that could easily be fixed if they gave us at least one day.

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Oh, makes sense, well I could be told about it by Fiverr without getting a warning to be fair, I find it too harsh especially that I’m still new in there and am not trusting this platform as much to even have income if I know I will get banned over a little mistake that I made and that I could easily fix.

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On Facebook there’s a rule in the community standards section saying:

we don’t allow people to misrepresent themselves on Facebook, use fake accounts, artificially boost the popularity of content

Maybe that could be it if it was about Facebook. But like suggested above, it could be any social network probably.

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I see, I didn’t plan to do this service for Facebook

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Instagram is owned by Facebook and it’s also against twitter rules.

Did you mention that it’s your second gig that got removed? If so then probably that’s why they gave a warning. First time they just removed your gig, second time they gave a warning


Though maybe by saying

any social network, including Facebook could have reported it or Fiverr themselves could have assumed it was any social network based on your gig title/description.

I find it harsh to be fair as I didn’t violate the exact same rule and didn’t try to redo a replica of the first gig that got removed, it just feels wrong to me.

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To be honest fiverr is quite strict with violations if you get cought.

In fiverr eyes it’s the same violation as they had to remove your gig for the services that are not allowed here.
More than that they can ban your account right after your first warning for offering communication outside of fiverr etc.

Just try to be more careful when creating new gig as they might ban your account violating rule third time.

You can also use this forum and ask us here before creating gig if fiverr will allow that service or not based on our experience.

I see, this is a very good idea, thank you for your advice, I will do this next time!!!

Make sure to get no further warnings.

Read this: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned!

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much, I’ll make sure to read it!

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