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I got a warning will it drop my level?

I am a level 1 seller and recently I got a warning now ill be demoted to level o in next evaluation?

Yes. One of the required stats is no warnings in the last 60 days.


i will be eligible for level 2 on 15th Jan. I will get demoted on 15th December. So i will reach level 1 or 2 on 15th Jan?

60 days without a warning. If you do that and meet all the other requirements you will be promoted 1 level. From level 0, that will be to level 1.

Don’t get any more warnings … read the TOS to make sure you understand what you can and can’t do. You’ll find a link to the TOS at the bottom of every page on the main site …


Can you tell me the reason of warning.:man_health_worker:

As far as I know you will keep the level if this is the first warning. You’re not demoted, however you can’t become a level 2 because you had a warning in the past 30 days. How do I know this? I got a warning for having too many cancellations and I didn’t lose my level.


thanks Donnovan.
Yes it my 1st warning. So if i don’t get demoted and reach the requirements of level 2 before 14th January i will be promoted to level 2 . Is it right?

If you meet the level 2 requirements in January I believe it will be fine.

Not sure if the reason for your warning matters. But do try and read the Fiverr TOS just to be safe to avoid issues from now on. Just my 2 cents.