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I got a warning

Every one I seeking for a help

Yesterday I got a warning
What should I do for clearing That I have to ask for client’s mail address It is very important to complete the project ???

Thank you!

Do you have an open order with your client? Did you ask that on the order page? Do you have that as a part of your requirements?

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If it is part of your requirements to complete the order, you can contact the CS. They might remove it.

Please let me know …
How I can contact to customer support and what I have to tell them?

Thank you!

you didn’t even bother to answer our questions so how can we advice you what to tell them if we don’t know the context of it?


I think what from I am seeing, Fiverr gave you an reasonable warning. Because you cannot even reply to @mariashtelle1 simple answers so she or others can help, and then you are asking us what to tell fiverr so they will remove the warning! This world doesn’t work like that. Welcome to 2020


I always need a email address of client because whatever I am sending in my project it is to too much text and files more than fiverr allow to attache in delivery page.

Well, you still didn’t answer my questions but you don’t need email for that and fiverr very likely wouldn’t remove their warning in your case

You can simply create a Dropbox link and send a link to all the files in the delivery. No email needed.


Fiverr recommends using DropBox or a similar service in such cases, and when using such services, you should ensure that no personal contact information is shared.

Sorry, but in your case, I doubt that contacting Customer Support would result in removal of the warning.


It still might be worth contacting CS just in case it could be removed (even though they might not remove it), if you can show that it was only used to send the files/links to the files and wasn’t used for offsite contact.

Though in future use something like dropbox like suggested above that doesn’t require the email address for sending large files when just the Fiverr attachment feature can’t be used.