I got about 25 orders in 20 days but I am not receiving any messages and order now, why?


I use to get daily about 2 but I am not receiving any messages and order now, why may be the reason? Are you guys also facing this problem?


I havent promoted my gigs myself till now, but i will start promoting it posting it on forums.


It may be that your rating is playing a role, I’m not sure.


I experience this all the time also


Ill tell you right now. Rule number 1 if you want to reach your Fiverr income goal - TELL EVERYONE. Friends, family, whoever - they might buy. Sure, they’ll think you are nuts at first but when your commute is to your kitchen table (most of my customers are small businesses) and you can go shopping in the middle of the day - instead of when its busy - they’ll eat their words. Off fiverr promotion is key. I opened a special twitter account just to promote to people who might be interested in my gig - 2 months I have hundreds of followers.


Is there any method that i can make my rating good…


If you were new, that could have been part of it. Some newbies are featured for a time on the site, giving them extra exposure for a bit.