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I got an EXPRESS tag in my gig ! Does it help improving my gig ranking?

Hey people !!

I am a new seller but highly enthusiastic and energetic one. I have completed 3 orders and I am waiting to get even more orders and I do believe that I will successfully make all deliveries in a way that seller can never be annoyed a bit by any activity of mine.

Recently, I got an EXPRESS tag on my fiverr gig and I am highly excited !!
I want to ask from you people, Does this EXPRESS tag help improving my fiverr gig’s ranking ?
What things affect this tag?

My gig :

I am eagerly waiting for more orders and will surely make the quickest deliveries !!


No, it just means you are delivering in 1 day. It might attract people if they want a fast delivery, but it’s not helping with the ranking process most likely.

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Well, maybe that could be an acceptable explanation to my query.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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EXPRESS tag is like a badge as like rising talent and same other.
It will be help to get more order on your gig. Still now I can`t see this badge.


I can see it here in Gig statistics.

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Bro this is different type of express which I think in previous time.
This means in this gig all service in 1 day. Generally stranded and platinum package price and delivery date is more than one day. thats why we cant see this tag in every gig. if you have another gig, which gig all package deliver in 1 day. I hope you can also see this badge their also.


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No, that’s not the case. I have duly checked with my other gigs (that have 1 day delivery time) and some of my friends who also have delivery time of 1 day in all the three packages.
They don’t have any such tag attached with their gigs.

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So You`r Lucky. if that show in client side it help you more.

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Yeah, I too hope that to be true enough to bring in some orders for me.
Unable to get any orders since past many days.

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