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I got an express tag!


I am a professional voice talent - So far I have completed 2 orders here on Fiverr! I am excited to announce that I received an express tag for my gig! You can check it out here if you would like! I am still awaiting the feedback from my second buyer, but I am confident in my work and confident that I delivered the product better than expected!


Congrats! You must be very excited. :smiley:

This is false. for an instance check out mine :


See, there is no express tag. :wink: Seller need to prove that they deliver within 24 hours as their average to get that. I will not get that ever since even if my gig is $5 and 1 day, I always do 3-5 days work with higher budget where $5 is my basic package to do like small bug fixes which no one is ordering. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the info. I learned something new today. :slight_smile:

From what I have seen, almost all single-package gigs (does not apply to gigs that have three packages) that offer 24-hour delivery seem to have the express tag.

So my mentioned gig is a single packaged and offers 24hrs delivery. It has no express tag. :wink:

Does that mean such sellers resort to extending the delivery time a lot? I thought that was something Fiverr didn’t appreciate.

The other possibility is that those sellers get many custom orders (with longer delivery times). I, however, assumed that sellers who offer 24-hour delivery almost always get direct orders (and no custom orders). :slight_smile:

Yes i think so. Because I didn’t have that tag in any of my gigs. I think that’s because even i have 24hrs delivery gigs they are not ordered to be delivered within 1 day because i always use custom offer with more days as i mentioned before.

I don’t think so. Not only the delivery time goes high, the order amount goes high as well.

In my case this even not happening once per 10 orders. It’s that much rare because i mentioned in my gig not to order my gig before letting me know the requirement.

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I am! Thank you very much!

Not necessarily, I offer 24 hour delivery in one of my packages (in fact, only few hours delivery or 2 hours delivery - depending on whether it is translation or proofreading) and most of my sales, even for this package, are custom orders.

I proudly say, I love my buyers :heart: It’s completely true!!! All of them - low order amount or not - are very nice and sweet !!! :smiley: :wink:

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