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I got an order from a client but can't see the order

I had a message conversation with a client about my offer to make her business cards.
She accepted and ordered my bronze packet.
I wait already for around one hour and messaged the client again.
She confirmed the order and told me that the amount also already deducted from her bank account.
This is my first job and I want to deliver on time.
I’m wondering how long it needs to receive the order so I can start my work.
Thanks in advance

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Has the client completed the order requirements?

What do u mean exactly?

She pressed the package and payed as she said and the amount is already deducted from her bank account.

Have you set any requirements that the buyer must fill out before you start to work? If the buyer has not submitted them, then you may not see the order until she does.

Yes i have requirements what i need to design the business cards.
Where she can find it to submit it to me?

Did you get fiverr Notification where it says you got Order from buyer and waiting for him to submit requirements ?

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No i don’t got anything that’s why I’m wondering.
I messaged the client again and asked her and she told me she ordered my bronze package and the amount of 5 dollar is already deducted from her bank account.

So you haven’t got any order yet…if she is saying she already ordered ask her to share you screen shot to look so you can talk to CS…just tell her you want it to show CS so she dont get offended !

There is also the possibility that you are being scammed. We have had new sellers here before that have heard this story from their buyers and therefore delivered via an attachment in through the messaging system. Sellers do not get paid for work delivered this way.

I would take @surajrenuka’s advice.


Can someone sent me the link to the customer service please?

yes she paid definitively

You can reach to CS here -
But If I were you, I would have first check with buyer if order is actually placed or not if not there is no need to reach to CS…

CS takes almost a week to reply these days !

Buyer can also see active orders ! Ask her if she can see the active order or not ?
we cant say the spent amount is actually spent on your gig or any other !

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She don’t see active orders.

so now it may be fiverr’s issue and she will get her fund back in like 24 hours…if not she can contact to CS…
You can start another order and wait for this fund to credit back !