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I got an unfair lower rating, what can I do?


I had a long conversation with one of my client. He wanted to scrap the first 10 sites from google search with the keywords. In the discussion, we cleared his requirements and then I outlined my solution. I proposed that I can do it for this many gigs as it was not a simple regex task. After our conversation, he agreed that my solution may not work for me and cancelled the order. I had no complain, only to find out after 3 months, he left 3 rating and saying that

"cancelled order. seller failed to deliver on time! "

In fact I never worked on his order. We only clarified his requirement and gave him updated quote. I had other client from the same gig and have excellent rating.

What can I do about this situation? As I am level one seller, extra are disabled on this gig for me because of poor rating + when I search for regular expression, my gig does not show up.

Please help. This is my gig


Interesting! What is the need of that negative ranking when the buyer himself did not rate it? On Fiver, ppl buy gigs without even discussing all the details. If this is automatic rating, I need to take it to customer support.