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I got banned for trying to verify myself? Really?


Are you kidding me? My account got banned due to id verification. ID VERIFICATION. I have been on many sites that required ID VERIFICATION and they never ban, they just tell you what is wrong with it and everything - what the heck is with the system anyways? I put a very clear photo of my ID and myself and after 1 minute it don’t get accepted. I thought it was an error and tried again and still the same - then I got banned. BANNED for their bad system not recognized what a picture taken with a Samsung galaxy S8 is like.

How are people still selling on here? This is frustrating and a very bad service I have to say.

Most likely the account is “restricted”, not banned.
On this Forum we’ve read of sellers that, after contacting CS, were allowed to repeat the verification process.


Well, let’s just hope that’s the way it is. I will update if anything comes good out of this. Thanks for replaying!

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This may be helpful to you:


If this is the case it wouldn’t be a ban for verifying; it would be a ban for not having acceptable ID for whatever reason. In any case, maybe it’s temporary.

ugh! Try contacting CS

Account is still locked or whatever, not really sure now what to do. I hope it gets resolved soon. I took the pictures in high quality with my mobile and with a white background.

There’s nothing more to do. Just give CS time to respond.

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First, wait for a response. If after a week or so you do not receive one, email Fiverr and state that you have been a long-time user of the platform and have never acted fraudulently or deceitfully on the platform. Then state that because you have supplied a copy of your ID which is valid and commonly accepted as valid elsewhere, only to have your account restricted, you have severe concerns about how Fiverr is handling and processing your personal data.

If you are in the EU or an EU citizen, you can state that you wish to use your right to open a Subject Access Request (SAR) and would like Fiverr to disclose all personal information they have on you, where and how it is stored and processed, and why if it is stored and processed safely and accurately, your account was restricted.

If you are not an EU citizen, you will need to look at what online privacy and accountability laws apply in your area. In either case, this should at least force Fiverr to reveal why your account has been restricted. Just do not do this until you receive a response from Fiverr or a response which is not in your favor.


All of this for CS give to him an automatic (copy/paste as usual) answer.

CS can’t give an automated response if the seller does what I have suggested. They will legally have 30-days to respond, or risk hefty fines and likely, negative PR. All sellers and users of any online platform should be aware of their rights when it comes to privacy.